The Nashville Build Is Complete

The school is built, the paint is dry, the cranes are removed, the tents are down, the trucks are gone, the wooly pockets have been planted, the Extreme team has gone back to Hollywood and we have returned to our “real jobs.” What an amazing week we just experienced. This was truly one of those events in life that you will never forget. And there are so many groups and individuals that we have to thank along the way.

First, to our Nashville Build core team. The builder – HARDAWAY Construction Corp., the product manufacturer – LP Building Products, the architect – DA|AD Architect Firm and a marketing firm – GS&F. Our core team joined forces quickly, each bringing their strengths to the build table. Together we were able to plan, recruit, organize, and ultimately build this 6,500 sq. ft. preschool facility. The electricity and excitement felt in the room that very first meeting has carried us all the way across the finish line. Today we stand in awe of a beautiful state-of-the-art facility on the land that once housed what we loosely called a rock quarry.

Second, our Extreme family. Throughout this whirlwind process, we met so many representatives from the production company and the show. Each new face, each encounter and every conversation solidified our connection with this team. The Extreme team was an extention of our core builder team and worked to make sure that the process was as smooth as it possibly could be … helping us to think ahead and avoid glaring pit falls as much as possible.

Third, the Lighthouse Christian school. Even though we had no part in choosing the recipient of this amazing gift, we knew from the very beginning that this school and it’s leadership is special. The core of who they are and what they represent is evident in each individual conversation that you have with their leadership, members and supporters. This group of individuals loves this community and has deep compassion for their neighbors. So much so that they live it out each and everyday. Since this devastating flood that hit them so hard, they have been working through their volunteer organization to help those in this community that were also hurt by the raising waters. Because of that I think they are the perfect recipient of this amazing gift… they recognize what they have been given and they will pay this gift forward time and time again to individuals in need.

Finally, you … the volunteers and community. A build of this size is not done by one person, one organization or one sponsor. It takes a team. It takes dedicated, skilled and caring individuals coming together to work toward one goal. In this case it was a beautiful preschool. Through the process we have met many unexpected new friends and we will forever cherish the hours that we spent getting to know one another and giving back at the same time. Thank you for coming out and volunteering, for keeping up with the build online, for sending donation money and for encouraging all fo us along the way. This is truly a community effort.


GS&F is so proud to have been a part of this in just a little way. Helping others selflessly is such an important thing to experience in life. I want to thank you for joining us on this crazy adventure that has brought us unexplainable joy.