Volunteers Reach Out To Flood Victims

Melissa Riley, PhD and Megan Bird are very familiar with volunteering their time for flood victims. Both women joined the “Tennessee Recovery Project”, a program designed to provide emotional support to flood victims, after the historic floods devastated Middle Tennessee this past spring.

Riley and Bird have been working with the project since May and have been speaking with local flood victims offering them emotional support and resources for help.

One of the flood victims they worked with told them about the Nashville Build and they knew it wasn’t an opportunity they could pass up.

“Everyone is focused to get this done,” said Riley. “It’s been very well coordinated.”

Bird, who is also a grad student at Trevecca University, was eager to get involved. “We just wanted to give back, and get our hands into it.”

This was their first official day on site as volunteers and both women are coming back to help more.